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Grisart International School of Photography announces the Grisart Scholarships 2019-2020 for high level of professional photographic training. These scholarships want to promote high quality education, helping young people with recognizable talent and interest access to it.

The courses that make up the Grisart Scholarships include technical, conceptual and reasoning contents. In this Sense, they are the best tools for the skills that will allow them to succeed in the professional contemporary photographic field.


The deadline for receiving applications has closed. The resolution of the call will be announced on Friday, 5th of April, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. (Barcelona UTC/GMT+1h)


The objective of the scholarship is to give people with photographic talent access to the courses which form part of the Grisart prospectus.


2.1. Applicants may be of any nationality and must be over 18 years of age.
2.2. Applicants must be fluent in either Spanish or English (depending on the course applied for).


The Grisart Scholarships for 2019-2020 are divided into the three following types:

- Grisart Scholarship for the Professional Itinerary of Photography: For the Professional Itinerary of Photography course (the applicants must choose the language in which they wish to study, English or Spanish). Scholarship valued at 5.900 €.

- Grisart Scholarship for the Technical or Narrative Itinerary: For the Technical Itinerary or Narrative (the applicants must choose which itinerary they wish to study, Technical or Narrative). Scholarship valued at 6.680 € (in the case of choosing the Technical Itinerary) or 6.900 € (in the case of choosing the Narrative Itinerary).

- Grisart Scholarship for Photojournalism: For the Photojournalism Course. Scholarship valued at 3.300 €. (Only available in Spanish).

3.1. The applicant may only apply for one type of scholarship.

3.2. The beneficiary will participate for free in the chosen course during the 2019-2020 academic year.

3.3. Grisart advises that to participate in the Technical Itinerary, previous digital knowledge will be required.


Each applicant must present the following documentation:

A: This application form, correctly filled out:  Registration Form

B: Digital copy of identity document or passport.

C: Complete Curriculum vitae (maximum 2.500 characters, not counting spaces).

D: Cover letter explaining the applicant motivations to study photography (maximum 2.500 characters, not counting spaces).

E: Portfolio:

E.I) In the case of applying for the Grisart Scholarship for the Professional Itinerary of Photography, the applicants must present a selection of 20 photographs which are representative of their work, covering any theme or technique.

E.II) In the case of applying for the Grisart Scholarship for the Technical or Narrative Itinerary, the applicants must present a selection of:

- If applying for the Technical Itinerary: 20 photographs which include portraits and still life carried out in a studio.
- If applying for the Narrative Itinerary: 20 photographs with a brief statement about the project.

E.III) In the case of applying for the Grisart Scholarship for Photojournalism, the applicant must present a selection of 20 photographs with a brief statement about the project.

All photographs must meet the following requirements: The size must be 1600 pixels on the longest side. The format must be JPEG (quality 10).


All documentation must be sent in a single compressed file via the web application at wetransfer.com.
This file must contain two folders:

A folder named "Application", containing the documentation stated in points A, B, C y D.

A folder named "Photographs", containing the images.

This file must be compressed in a .zip file. You may use any of the following programs to compress your files:

- 7-Zip
- WinRAR
- WinZip

To correctly send your files, you may follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the compressed .zip file with the aforementioned content with the following name: name_surname.zip

Step 2: Got to the page wetransfer.com

Step 3: Add the .zip file in the first field of the form.

Step 4: Write "beca@grisart.com" at the destination email field.

Step 5: Fill in your personal email to receive the confirmation email.

Step 6: In the last field you may add any comments should you wish to (optional).

Step 7: Click on the "Transfer" button to begin the transfer process.

Notification will be sent to the email provided in step 5.

Under no circumstances will physical copies on paper, CD, DVD or any other medium be accepted.

5.1. The deadline for applications is Monday 4th of March 2019 at 23.59h (Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour).

5.2. Applications received past the deadline or that do not meet the stated requirements will not be accepted.


Once all applications have been evaluated, Grisart will contact and interview (in person or via telephone) the 10 finalists for each type of scholarship to select the winning applicants.

The results will be announced on Friday 5th of April 2019 at 18.00h (Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour).

6.1. The results will be made public on the website of Grisart www.grisart.com. Also, applicants will receive via email notification, the results of the selection process.

6.2. To guarantee transparency in the selection process, Grisart will name a jury composed of prominent professionals working in the photography industry and teachers from the school.

6.3. The jury’s decision is not subject to appeal.

6.4. All scholarships will be awarded.

6.5. All files received from unsuccessful applicants will be deleted.


7.1. By applying for a scholarship you accept the following conditions.

7.2. The winner will attend the course in the timetable established by Grisart.

7.3. Under no circumstances will the scholarship be substituted for its economic value. The scholarship covers exclusively the value of the course and does not extend to any materials required to carry out the course.

7.4. Grisart and the student will sign an agreement outlining the conditions of the scholarship.

7.5. In the case of the student showing poor performance and/or not achieving the required level of attendance, Grisart may decide to withdraw the scholarship immediately, effectively removed the student from the course.

7.6. The course must be taken within the established academic year. Postponement until subsequent years will not be permitted.

7.7. The names of the winners and their photographs may be used in the schools promotional material and in the advertising of future scholarships.

7.8. Failure to comply with any of the requirements or to provide any of the documents required will result in exclusion from this round of the selection process.

7.9. Any situation not covered by these conditions will be resolved by Grisart.

More information available at beca@grisart.com, by telephone 00 34 93 457 97 33 or WhatsApp on 00 34 606 405 713.


All information provided by you will be kept by GRISART FOTOGRAFIA S.L in an automated register in order to be able to provide you with better service and inform you of products and services that may be of interest to you. This information is confidential, maintained and used exclusively by GRISART FOTOGRAFIA S.L, registered at C/ Mendez Nuñez, 14, 08003 Barcelona. You may access, change, cancel, or oppose the use of your information by writing to the previously mentioned address.

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