Project Creation Course

The Project Creation Program is designed to increase and stimulate the artistic potential of demanding students, eager to explore to the maximum of their creativity.

In order to prepare the stages of conceptualization, documentation, production and distribution of the work, each student is going to choose a creative project to develop throughout the course that will be supervised by the teacher and enriched by the critical opinion of the rest of the group.

Its progress —based on the work itself, as well as evaluation and supervision— will be reinforced with arranged visits to cultural foundations and art centers, will help expand the horizons of creativity.

This program is essential for all those students that feel that image is a means of artistic expression, as well as for those that have chosen to develop their artistic creativity in other areas, but are aware of the importance of having a critical view and creating a coherent body of work with its own character.

After finishing the course, the school invests its efforts in order to give an echo to the best projects of the students in galleries and national and international festivals of photography, such as Les Rencontres d’Arles, a worldwide know festival, in which the school has a stand with these purposes.

Knowing the experimental and productive possibilities of digital technologies, Grisart suggests that, depending on the interests of each participant, this course be complemented by one or two of the following:

Course held in Spanish