Professional Study Plan. 2nd year: Narrative Itinerary


The storytelling power of image spans a wide area, ranging from the classic photojournalism to the recreation of reality in elaborate fictions that are embodied in books, exhibitions and Internet projections.

To be able to tell stories with an image, it is necessary an absolute control of the imagery medium (photography, multimedia, etc), and its diverse techniques and languages. The mastery of image semantics (what to tell) and visual syntax (how to tell it) enable us to take the final step, the promotion of works via the many mediums that utilise the image.

At Grisart we have developed the Complete Program of Narrative Image to help professionals master their special sensibility and sharp their images’ voice. It consists of six interrelated lines of study: Project Creation, Photobook self-edition, Ways of seeing, Phototextual Practices Workshop, Mal de Archivo Workshop and Cultural planning and intervention program.

The combination of the image related subjects with others subjects related to management and the promotion of work, give the our students a solid education and the necessary security to enter the professional world.

Course held in Spanish