Taller de Prácticas Fototextuales with Alberto Prieto

Because neither an image is worth a thousand words nor a photograph is transparent, this workshop aims to initiate the participants in the union of reality and fiction, starting from the observation of photographs and texts. It is intended that the participants enhance their creativity starting from real images so that they create their own photo-textual stories. The conjugation of the real and the fictitious can be considered as a game in which we discover surprising elements of ourselves and the environment.

An introduction will be made on the characteristics of both expressive media so that participants are aware of their similarities and differences, and have tools with which to analyze the relationships between photography and text, enhance the union between the two and, above all, ensure that the final message be consistent. To this end, a power-point will be projected in each session and real material will be provided.

Each 2-hour session will be divided into two parts: presentation of concepts on the topic of the session -through the exemplification of illustrative projects-, and group practice related to the task proposed in the previous class and in which the participants must contribute their photographs and texts as well as commenting on the work of the rest of the members. During the course, the personal projects of each attendee will be channeled so that, in the last session, they will be presented and evaluated together.