Photobook Self-Edition Course

At a time when the life of the printed press seems to be threatened by the emergence of digital media and the rise of the Internet, printing a book, as a way to present the photographic works of an artist, is making a strong comeback thanks to the possibilities opened up by desktop publishing. Paradoxically, in today’s Internet age, a good photographic project can gain recognition as a book, at an affordable price and printed in high quality.

This course aims to provide students with the skills and resources, both theoretical and technical, to succeed using desktop publishing tools for photo books. In addition to the basic aspects of visual narratives and publishing, the workshop introduces students to the design and layout of books using Adobe InDesign, as well as studying the professional printing environment, its tools and processes of production.

Each participant will be guided through the process of adapting his or her personal photographic project to the book format. The final aim of the course is that this process ends in the making of a mock-up with a professional printer.

Course held in Spanish