Natasha Christia

Curator, writer, and non-affiliated teacher based in Barcelona. She complements her activity as a collections consultant and as a dealer specialising in photography and photobooks.

Her research focuses on the exploration and reinvention of dominant narratives through a novel reading of archival collections, the intersection of photography, film and photobooks, and the dialogue between 20th century avant-garde photography and contemporary manifestations labelled “Postphotography”.

She was the artistic director of the fourth edition of DocField Barcelona Documentary Photography Festival, which was launched under the theme “Europe: Lost in Translation”.

Her most recent curatorial projects include: “Lukas Birk: Sammlung bis jetzt” (Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau Austria, 2018), “The Family of No Man” (co-curated with Brad Feuerhelm for Arles Cosmos 2018), and “You Are What You Eat”, The Family of No Man (co-curated with Brad Feueherlm, Cosmos Arles Books 2018) and You Are What You Eat (Krakow Photomonth 2019).