Multimedia Projects Course

The rise of technological innovation brings challenges and solutions to demanding photographers. It allows them to communicate with increased creativity, but requires them to be constantly learning to keep up with advances.

4K video, already incorporated in new cameras, is key to a new expressive tool already fully implemented in the documentary, advertising, fashion and, in general, photographic context.

Even though photographer’s sensibility and knowledge remain indispensable in the creation of images, this new audiovisual language requires mastery of its narrative codes and its related technology.

The Multimedia Projects Course takes advantage of the characteristics of today’s photographic camera (lightness, interchangeable lenses, small size, immediacy…) to propose an exploration of new medium in an era of constant change.

During the course, students will learn the process of non-linear editing with what is currently widely accepted as one of the best softwares around, Adobe Premiere Pro. With it, they will be able to develop their final project, which will encompass photography, video, text and audio.

Course held in Spanish