Mal de archivo- with Natasha Christia

At the crossroads of the archive and the documentary. The provocation and the desire to re-read images, texts and the great myths that accompany them.

Planned as a theoretical-practical workshop, MAL DE ARCHIVO provides a variety of forms and operations related to the archive. The “evil of the archive”, as defined by Jacques Derrida in his homonymous essay Archive Fever, and other theorists and thinkers, encompasses a variety of forms and operations.

From the appropriation of images, documents or archival languages to visual projects that reincarnate archival modes, from the playful appropriation of the domestic and the everyday to ruthless revisions of dominant narratives and a critical revision of the pillars of the history of Photography, the culture and modes of the archive have been used, over-used and abused.

The workshop has a hybrid theoretical-practical character with a strong emphasis on visual and bibliographical references.

In a series of theoretical sessions (10 hours), we will start from a series of theoretical formulations around the archive and concrete cases of artistic works and practices. We will detect different archival uses and ecosystems that reinforce the coexistence of diverse operations and languages (images, texts, contemporary documentary practice, activism, photobooks). The artists, theorists and curators who will serve as references include: Ariella Azoulay, Broomberg & Chanarin, Susan Meiselas, Walid Raad (The Atlas Group), Akram Zaatari and Carmen Winant, among others.

The debate generated in the theoretical sessions (4 hours) will be applied to the work, practices or materials shared by the participants during our practical sessions.

The course is aimed at:

Photographers or photography students with ongoing projects related to the culture of the archive.
Artists, archivists, filmmakers, or anyone interested in the theory and practices of photography, the photobook and contemporary art.

*The course will be held in Spanish