Contemporary Documentary Course

To communicate, excite, surprise and synthesise: these are the challenges photographers face when committed to communication, independent of the media (press, specialised journals, archives, editorials…) or the medium (paper, video, televi- sion or Internet) they use to publish their work.

With the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Course, Grisart enables the acquisition of theoretical, expressive, editorial, critical and historical knowledge necessary to develop, with total confidence, this powerful tool for communication.

In addition to focusing on fundamental aspects such as the photographic essay and news photography, the course also explores specific genres (travel, anthropological, social and conflict, as well as sports or nature reportage).

Increasingly within these fields, professionals must be specialists capable of reinventing and adapting themselves to the new technologies if they do not want to be marginalized in a continuously evolving profession. To avoid this he or she must consider the following:

  • The photographic still image is no longer the only graphic resource. The new photographer must also master and take advantage of video, which any current camera already incorporates in its design. This implies the control of its narrative codes and technical possibilities.
  • Traditional cameras are no longer the only tools capable of providing good results. Electronic devices like mobile phones may be the best means to solve things in certain situations. The captured image can be complemented with further processing and digital treatments.
  • Photographers must control the quality of their images and be able to manipulate them in order to enhance their eloquence. To be able to achieve this, they must acquire the digital processing skills that will allow them to operate effectively within the field, also offering them the chance to distribute their work widely.
  • Photographers must be aware of the radical and continuous changes that take place in the field of communication in order to consider globalization and social networks as an opportunity to spread their work.

Aware of the need to increase multimedia knowledge, Grisart offers in its curricula the possibility to complement student’s training with the following courses:

Course held in Spanish