For the call, Lucía presented her project “Yo te amo, yo tampoco” (I love you, neither do I).

In the words of the author:

“Eight years ago my grandmother passed away. It was that same afternoon that I decided to put an end to my relationship with Alejandro. Since then I have never fallen in love again.

“Yo te amo, yo tampoco” is a project in process that I started in mid 2019 where I seek to investigate those social and family mandates that many of us carry around love and marriage, through interventions and meticulous searches in the family archive, self-portraits and portraits of women who break or make us question the paradigm of romantic love”.

Congratulations Lucia!

Many thanks again to all of you who participated!

Irene presented her project “EMB/VELLIR”, an intimate portrait of her grandparents, Salvador Tudela and Consuelo Soriano.

In the words of the author:

“In this project I wanted to focus on the space that has been their home, and open the doors of their house to you through the photographs.

I have immortalised laughter, love, looks and everyday customs that have been repeated every day since I was a little girl and spent hours with them. But I have also captured moments when living together becomes complicated because it is not easy to live with a person who forgets about you and forgets about them, who, for moments, doesn’t know who they are”.

Congratulations Irene!

We share with you some images from the second intensive weekend of darkroom techniques at Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull’s studio in Espinavessa, Girona!

This time the students of the Technical Itinerary worked on developing film and making black and white enlargements, printing digital negatives to make cyanotypes and lumen prints, taking photographs with a large format camera and finally forming the image in the camera obscura.

The project was developed within the framework of a workshop at the last Panoràmic Festival, with Extimacy as the central theme.

It all started when Mercè Soler, an artist in residence at Roca Umbert Fabrica de les Arts, saw Joan Fontcuberta’s interview with Sophie Calle during the festival. Based on this dialogue, she proposed making a gift to the artist and, making an appeal on social networks, she gathered 24 admirers. Together made the book that configures the project and sent it to her.

Last weekend our students of the Narrative Itinerary took part in an intensive workshop on darkroom techniques at Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull’s studio in Espinavessa, Girona.

In the workshop, carried out by Israel Ariño, Clara Gassull and Marta Sellarés, the students worked on making enlargements in black and white, toning of prints, printing of digital negatives and the making of cyanotypes and lumen prints.

This is the result of an intense weekend of work!

Exhibition curated by Enric Montes and Ivan Ferreres from a private collection donated by Chris Hewitson to the school.

“The face that looks. The face that is silent. The face it evokes.

Much has been said about the face. So much so that the theories that have been born of it have ended up erasing it. He has imprisoned himself face to face, he has looked his face directly in the eyes to remind him that he was subject; that he had one of the most important qualities for the individual: identifying him.

Because through it it has been possible to see, hear and perceive. Thus, one was a face linked to the body, others were faces without bodies and that over time became heads without faces. The artistic representation of man was born from the talking face, and was consumed in him through silence. “

Text by Anna Bayó