Basic Course of Photography

The Basic Photography Course is designed for those that wish to enjoy and get to the bottom of photography, for those that seek results that go further than the things that the camera offers automatically.

The course is eminently practical. Students, therefore, have to follow guided exercises of both, the taking of pictures, as well as their digital treatment in the class computers.

To learn photography means, besides learning to control the camera, to acquire the skills to read and interpret images that will help us develop a personal look.

The absorption of those skills comes in a natural way in the classroom, where the work of students is discussed in a group.

Sessions of basic digital processing with the images included in the proposed exercises show students how to develop creativity, allowing them to discover their abilities.

In two classes at the photo studio, the student will learn to make portraits with professional flashes.

The free use of the school digital facilities to conduct practical sessions allows for comprehensive training that can be an end in itself or a reason to further continue advancing in this art.

Course held in Spanish