Andrés Hispano

Barcelona, 1964

Graduate in Fine Arts, Barcelona.

Filmmaker, exhibition curator, article writer.

Currently working on Visual. El mundo que crearon las imágenes (documentary) and Caleidoscopio, el genio coreográfico de Berkeley, Rybczynski y Gondry (exhibition).

Director of Nits Temàtiques programmes, BTV (1997-2002).
Direction and production of Boing Boing Buddha on BTV (created with Manuel Huerga), 2000-2003. Baixa Fidelitat (with Félix Pérez-Hita), XTVL, 2005.
and Soy Cámara (with Félix Pérez-Hita and Ingrid Guardiola), TVE/ CCCB, 2010-2020.

Curator of the exhibitions La Ciudad de los cineastas (with Jordi Balló, CCCB, 2001), El Rey de la casa (with Marc Roig, Palau de la Virreina, 2005), That’s not Entertainment! (with Antoni Pinent, CCCB, 2007) and Pantalla Global (with Gilles Lipovetsky and Gilles Serroy, CCCB, 2011).
Member of the Advisory Committee of Panoràmic (Festival de fotografía i cinema de Granollers), for which he curated the exhibitions Sense Intimitat (Museu de Granollers, 2020) and Erwin Wurm, One Minute Forever (Roca Umbert, 2021).

Author of David Lynch, Claroscuro americano (Glénat, 1997), BCN Frame (with Manuel Huerga, Actar, 2005), Falsos documentales y otras piruetas de la no-ficción (Ed y texto, Glénat, 2001) and Imágenes, un dominio público (with the Soy Cámara team, CCCB, 2020) among other titles.

He directed the documentary Fragmentos (TVE/CCCB, 2010) on the history of experimental film in Spain, which accompanied the release of the book-DVD on the same subject Del Éxtasis al Arrebato (Cameo/CCCB).

He has worked on numerous films in artistic pre-production, storyboarding and visual consultancy, from Antártida (Manuel Huerga, 1995) to La Vampira de Barcelona (Lluís Danés, 2020).

I have written about visual culture in the Cultura/s supplement of La Vanguardia (for which I was a consultant) between 2002 and 2014.