Aleix Mateu

Castellbisbal, 1983

His first contact with photography was as a teenager with an old camera that was lost in the drawers of his house. He taught himself to use it and made his debut as a photographer at the age of 17, documenting the artistic actions of Albert Gusi.

After a few years he went to live abroad, where he worked as a mountain guide. It was there that he had his first contact with video, taking film crews into the mountains and making small recordings.

He trained as a filmmaker, driven by his passion for documentaries. At the end of his studies, he was an intern in the Documentary Department of TV3, which he considers to have been his real school. Finally, he started working as a freelance filmmaker making advertising pieces for Danone and Colacao. He has continued in this way up to the present day, combining his facet as a filmmaker and photographer, working for both public administrations and companies.