Alberto Prieto Aguaza

Granada, 1972

He holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Bordeaux III (1995) and the University of Seville (1997), a master’s degree in Spanish as a foreign language from the UB (2001), a diploma in photography specialising in creative projects (GrisArt, 2003), and a PhD in Humanities (UPF, 2009) with a thesis on the relationship between literature and photography, a shorter version of which was published in 2015: Ventanas, espejos y sombras (Windows, mirrors and shadows).

He has taught language and literature in schools and institutes in Barcelona, at the UIMP (1998), UAB (2000-06), UB (2002-04), Moscow Pedagogical University (2006) and University of Chicago (2006-07). At GrisArt he taught the modules ‘History of photography’, ‘Photographic genres’ and ‘Reading and construction of images’ (2004-19). Since 2015 he has been teaching language, literature and audiovisual culture at the Institut Artístic Oriol Martorell.

His interest in the relationship between word and image has led him to give workshops on phototextual creation at GrisArt (2015) and at the Ateneu de Barcelona (2016). He has also participated in the I International Congress of Photography (Valencia, 2017), with a pedagogical proposal on the literary and photographic work of Juan Rulfo, and in the last 3 editions of the International Day of Innovation on the Illustrated Book, at the University of Valencia (2018, 2019 and 2020). In addition to this last edition, he has analysed the work of Juanan Requena for El pulpo and for Ediciones Anómalas. On a more creative side, he published his own photoessays in Anuario del Mediodía (University of Seville, 1997), and won a special mention in the Dumy award at the Docfield festival in Barcelona (2014), with the model of the photobook Desguace, also exhibited at Scan Photobooks, at the Tarragona International Photography Festival.