Advanced Professional Touch-Up

Course focused on retouching and image manipulation for advertising, fashion and personal work, exploring advance procedures and resources related to each specific area.

It is designed to provide students with a high degree of proficiency in postproduction techniques and to stimulate their creative abilities. It is aimed at producing images with the utmost visual impact within a contemporary creative framework.

The course deals with essential aspects such as photographic application of learned skills, the definition of conceptual and aesthetic goals and the sector specific work methodologies of each profession.

The student explores printing methods and familiarises themself the wide range of photofinishing solutions that are available today in the market.

The course also includes a module dedicated to the art of Matte painting to learn and practice digital image composition. This technology allows creation of entire scenes from scratch using separate images and other digital resources.

To take part in this course requires good basic post-production knowledge in Adobe Photoshop.

After taking and passing the relevant tests, the students will have acquired the ability and the confidence to successfully carry out their own photographic post-production, as well as to offer their services as retouching artists in the professional market.

Course held in Spanish