Pascale Descazeaux is the winner of the Narrativa Fotográfica grant: endowed with a course in Project Creation and Photobook Self-Publishing!

For the call, Pascale two projects “GRACIAS X EL FUEGO” and “Maria Esperanza Sara Ester Feliza”.

We show you some images of “GRACIAS X EL FUEGO”!

In the words of the author:

“It takes a fire to light a spark. And I’m not talking about a bonfire that destroys everything, but rather a warmth. A warmth of belonging, a second of not feeling alone, of seeing in the other that what you feel is real. That the questions you have asked yourself (those that, after asking them, you can no longer fool yourself), could have an answer. And that to get there you have to stop dreaming and open your eyes wide”.

Congratulations Pascale!

Many thanks again to all of you who participated!